About Rarotonga

Rarotonga is the Cook Island’s capital of its 15 islands. With dramatic volcanic mountain peaks and blue lagoon waters surrounding the island, it’s only a wonder why anyone would choose another destination. The currency is in NZ dollars and everyone speaks perfectly good English, with the Cook Islands Maori language as the native language.

Muri Beach on Rarotonga is far the island’s most beautiful beach with long stretches of white sands, clear blue waters and an abundance of aquatic sports for those inclined. Snorkel, paddle boarding, kitesurfing, kayaking or just swimming to name a few things you can do on most of the beaches on Rarotonga, or simply walk out to one of the uninhabited islands called ‘motus’ for a day visit.

Visiting Aitutaki on your Cook Islands holiday is also a highlight as is boasted to be one of the most beautiful remote islands with one of the most outstanding lagoons of the world.

The Cook Islands prides itself with rich cultural history and exudes island simplicity, yet there is so much to do! Hire a scooter or catch the local bus for a 32 km ride around the island.

Rarotonga has many dining options of Restaurants and Cafes to choose from, including the local Markets on Saturday mornings, and now the Night Markets in famous Muri Beach on most other days.

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