Over-Water Night Show and Buffet Dinner

We proudly invite you to the biggest Over-Water Island Night Show on Rarotonga delivering an electric authentic cultural performance like no other...

Set in luscious rock waterfall garden features, the Village houses the most stunning entertainment venue showcasing a beautiful legend story, “The Legend of Tongaiti”.

Be blown away by our amazing Over Water Show while Rarotonga’s finest dancers perform by flaming torchlight on floating and fixed stages of our waterfall garden.

Enjoy our delicious Island/Western Fusion Buffet prepared by our local and International Chefs.
Immerse in our local culture and embrace the Cook Islands Maori people through the "Legend of Tongaiti”

Spectacular Over-Water Night Show and Buffet Dinner - $115.00 per person, $55 per child*

Overwater Night Show and Dinner – Family 4 = 2 Adults + 2 Children (6-11yrs) $310.00
Overwater Night Show and Dinner – Family 5 = 2 Adults + 3 Children (6-11yrs) $345.00
- 6 to 11 year = Child rate
- 5 and under = Free of charge

Island/Western Fusion Buffet Dinner  (Check In time: 5.30pm - 5.45pm)
Restaurant and bar opens at 5.45pm
Spectacular Over Water Night Show from 7.30pm for approximately 1 hour

- Optional Return Transfers Available from Hotels/Resorts  - additional costs apply and pre-booking essential

"A powerful display of grace, beauty, passion, color and excitement with exceptional choreography"

The Legend of Tongaiti Story:
Our Tupuna, our ancestors, tell us a legend of a voyaging Warrior by the name of Tongaiti, who set sail from a faraway land with his tribe. Tongaiti and his wife Ari were explorers from Iwa, who heard about some beautiful “floating islands”, and decided to build a big Vaka and go in search of these islands.

After many weeks at sea, Tongaiti spotted what looked to be a coconut floating in the water. As they came closer to the floating coconut it seemed to grow and grow… It was instead one of the “floating islands” the beautiful island of “Tumu-Te-Varovaro”, Rarotonga.

The natives from this floating island were very hostile and unfriendly, throwing spears and yelling to scare Tongaiti and his people away from their shores.

For many days Tongaiti sailed around the island, and his family grew tired, hungry and weary. Finally out of desperation, Tongaiti called upon his beautiful daughter to dance for the Chief of Tumu‐Te‐Varovaro, hoping her beauty would soften his heart and allow them to set foot on the land.

Spellbound and captivated by her beauty, the Chief fell in love with this beautiful maiden and welcomed Tongaiti and his familly onto his island and celebrated this with feast and dance.
This settlement of our Polynesian people is known today as “Tangata Enua”.
Over-Water Night Show and Buffet Dinner
Te Vara NuiOver-Water Night Show and Buffet Dinner
Te Vara NuiOver-Water Night Show and Buffet Dinner
Te Vara NuiOver-Water Night Show and Buffet Dinner
Te Vara Nui

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